Welcome to my dessert blog that is currently a labor of love! Submit To Sweet will be updating every Monday (fingers crossed) with one sweet treat! Any other updates can come at a whim but I am pushing to make sure Monday is the day for the main posts.

I’m sure you will notice that pound cakes are one of my favorite types of desserts. Not because they are easy (because they are most certainly not), but because I rather enjoy the thick cake. The 7Up cake is usually my go to dessert for just about any occasion and I normally have all of the ingredients on hand. It was actually the first cake I was taught how to make by my mom. It is so easy for me to whip up now, as long as I have two hours, it can be done last minute. There will be other sweets, such as my Bread Pudding & Amaretto Sauce, but if you see me leaning more towards the pound cakes, feel free to leave a comment and request something different.

Site is currently in the works if you can’t tell and will be cleaned up along this adventure. If you want to keep up with all the happenings, go ahead and plug your email into that subscribe box to the right.

Hope you enjoy!

~ Ashleigh