I am always up for pudding but I always go for this recipe when looking for something simple but impressive.  Not a lick of pudding in there but it makes for a great dessert that will surely have folks talking.

Bananas & Cream
½ – 1 (12 oz.) can Lemonade Concentrate
32 oz. Whipped cream
1- 14 oz. Sweetened Condensed Milk
4-5 Med-Large bananas (mashed)
2 boxes Vanilla Wafers

1. In a 9×13 pan layer ½ a box of wafers reserving the other half for the top.
2. Try a vanilla wafer for base tasting.
3. Use a stand or hand mixer to mix whipped cream, condensed milk, and ½ can lemonade concentrate until smooth.
4. Use a vanilla wafer to taste mixture.  If you are ok with lemon content move on to next step.  If not add more and taste again.
5. On a plate use a fork to mash bananas into a glossy pulp then fold into the mixture.
6. Get the second box of wafers and crumble them while still inside the closed bag.  Do this over the mixture since holes may occur. Fold into mixture. You can always put them in a food processor but I found that most people prefer a variety of sizes in wafer pieces.
7. Use a wafer to taste mixture.  You know, just in case.
8. Layer mixture on top of wafers. Make sure to put some of the mixture into one of your whipped cream containers.  Put the top back on and stick it in the back of your refrigerator for safe keeping.
9. Cover pan with the remaining vanilla wafers, cover, and refrigerate.
10. For best results let sit for at least 4 hours to allow flavors to meld.
Note:  For a sauced up pudding add some whipped cream flavored vodka to the mix before you fold in the bananas and wafers.  Be careful not to make it too “wet.”

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