Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is ringing in the New Year with a great start. I may be a little burnt out from the hectic holiday season, but I’m still pushing!  Daily affirmations are great in keeping me going and I figured I would share them with you.  After a long break from work, I was able to get some research done on the law of attraction and law of success. Now, I am no expert and will not try to sound like one or anything. But, that doesn’t mean I didn’t take some notes in those few minutes of reading every other day.

Here is how the law of attraction works (from my understanding): Focusing on positive or negative thoughts will attract positive or negative results.  Basically, like attracts like. Since each result can happen with the same thoughts, why let the negative ones have any play? Plus, I like to thing of positive things, they make me feel good.

When I wake up I will make things happen with the positive thoughts and words I speak. Starting of the day well helps the rest of the day stay well or even better for me. With this mind set, the new year will be started with great so the rest will fall in line.  I picked 14 main affirmations (out of I don’t know how many) and then found a great tip from one of the ladies participating in Dream Dashers 365 Day Challenge. You should check out Bernetta’s page for some very uplifting and fun stuff.

My daily affirmations for 2015!

That is what I will be doing for the year. It usually takes 21 days for something to be a habit, so here we are at day five. No time to stop.

What affirmations do you have?