It is now day nine of NaNoWriMo, whoo! I do hope everyone has been meeting goals and slaying their own literary monsters. Over the past week (plus a few days) I have had to employ many tactics to keep the writing going. So, here are ten new tips to compliment the previous set.

1. Diminish the white space. Whenever I write, I try to have a paragraph at the top of a new page before I stop. That way, when I start again I won’t have just a blank page. Plus, that gives me a starting point to continue with the story.

2. Update the character profiles. While moving through the writing, the goal is to have your characters grow. When they do it can make their profiles become inaccurate. Taking the time to update their profiles and help enlighten the rest of your writing as you move along. That way when you refer to it for reference you don’t have old information to bog you down.

3. Get your drink on. Maybe not one of my best tips, but it at least works for me. When I got stuck in a rut last Friday I couldn’t figure out what to do. After making myself one of my favorite mixed drinks, a frozen Chocolate Kahlua Mudslide, I found I had a little boost in creating an out for a new situation that arose in my writing. It really worked out through to the third one, but fell off when I kept going. On account of how silly I was acting based on what my Fiancé recalled, there was no more work getting done after the fifth!

4. Write what you know. I see this tip all over the place and I haven’t ever passed up the advice. Some take it as having to write only things you have experienced. A bit of research will make anything something you know. I didn’t know much about romance writing until I took a class. But, some don’t have time to take a full class. In light of that, taking just a few minutes to research whatever has you stuck can release its hold a bit if not more.

5. Free write it up. Sometimes you have to just write down everything that comes to mind. I mean every single insignificant thing. That way, your mind can be clear of the clutter that may get in the way. It might not be insignificant once you get it down and read through it though. I have found some real gems in those little sessions.

6. Get out the box. Your little writing nook you may have carved out of the space in your life might be a box to you now. The way you get out can be writing in the park or taking part in a writing party with other enthusiastic writers. Meet up at other folks houses or something. I intend on meeting up with NaNoLanta something this week if work permits.

7. Nix those negative voices. Some time ago, I had the honor of attending one of Greg Smith’s awesome motivational speeches. He told us to give our negative voices a character personality. That way it could be funny instead of hurting your production. Chris Tucker’s Ruby Rod is my negative voice and he his always hilarious. It did take a lot of time to get used to making him take over that negative irritant but, it was well worth it.

8. Do something else with your hands. Anything outside of writing is up for grabs. Polymer clay is something I like to play with. Even if it is only to practice some basic figures. I find it really relaxing with all the pushing and pulling needed to work with it.

9. Get a massage. This can come along with taking a break. A good massage can work out the kinks of the day along with the barricades of the brain. Don’t fall asleep though.

10. Rest is not optional. Don’t wear out yourself with writing and pass up sleep. You can really work against yourself. If you’re too tired, how can you work?

This is a pretty much everything I have for now. I’m sure there will be more for next week so stay tuned!