Serve up some traditional taste in a not so traditional way!

Last time I used sweet potatoes for a pie, I went a little over board with the filling amount. What can I say, I really like sweet potatoes! So, instead of making more pies, I wanted to make a cake out of it. But what to ice it with? Marshmallows! Yeah for the continuing tradition revamp!

Sweet Potato Cake
1 cup butter, softened
2 cups white sugar
2 ½ cups sweet potato pie filling
4 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla extract
3 cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
½ tsp. baking soda
¼ tsp. salt
1 cup chopped pecans

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease and flour a 12-cup bundt pan.
2. Sift the flour, baking powder, and salt together. Set aside.
3. Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
4. Mix in sweet potato pie filling (recipe follows) and vanilla extract. Add eggs, one at a time (don’t worry about the curdled look). Add flour mixture a cup at a time, beating low until combined. Fold in chopped pecans.
5. Pour into bundt pan and bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes, or use a toothpick to check center. Cool in pan for 20 minutes, and then flip onto a serving plate. Drizzle with Marshmallow Glaze (recipe follows).

Sweet Potato Pie Filling
1 (1lb) sweet potato
½ cup butter, softened
1 cup white sugar
½ cup milk
2 eggs
½ tsp. ground nutmeg
½ tsp. ground cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla extract

1. Boil whole sweet potato for 40 to 50 minutes, or until done. To peel, run cold water over it, cut off ends and slice down the length of it, then remove the skin.
2. Preheat oven to 350°.
3. In a bowl, mash the sweet potato a bit. Add butter, and mix well with mixer. Mix in sugar, milk, eggs, nutmeg, cinnamon and vanilla. Beat on medium speed until mixture is smooth.

Marshmallow Glaze
½ cup butter, softened
1 tbsp. vanilla extract
1 cup marshmallow fluff
3 cups powdered sugar
1 tbsp. milk (more as needed)
1. Beat butter until creamy. Add fluff and beat for another 2-3 minutes.
2. Add vanilla, and then slowly add powdered sugar one cup at a time.
3. Beat for another 2-3 minutes after sugar is added and milk. If you like it runny add more as needed.

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